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Ivo Bobul and Lilia Sandulesa "Coast of love through the years"

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The concerts of Ivo Bobul and Lilia Sandules "The Shore of Love Through the Years" will be held in Ukrainian cities from March 1 to March 7, 2024.

Why should you go to the concert "Ivo Bobul and Lilya Sandules "Coast of Love Through the Years"?

  1. One of the most favorite creative duos of Ukrainians.
  2. A large concert program of the best songs.
  3. A source of vitality and inspiration for everyone.

Concert "Ivo Bobul and Lilia Sandules "The shore of love through the years" in your city

Ivo Bobul is a People's Artist of Ukraine, an outstanding singer and songwriter, whose creative career began in the 80s of the last century. In 1991, the singer began performing in a pair with the charming and talented Lilia Sandulesa. The owner of the velvet baritone, together with a bright vocalist, whose timbre is loved and recognized, presented the listeners with such famous hits as "Coast of love", "A lindens are blooming", "Flame of my heart", "Two people shot" and many others. Ivo Bobul wrote the song "My Love" especially for Lilia Sandulesa. And today, bright artists continue their creative path and support the spirit of every Ukrainian in a difficult time for the country.

The main hits and new works performed by Ukrainian pop singers

This evening, the beautiful duet will perform for you the most famous compositions and works that have appeared in recent years: "If you love - love", "Coast of love", "I will return to Ukraine", "Native house", "Invincible Ukraine" and other sincere and insightful songs. Bright artists will fill you with faith and hope for the best. Come to sing your favorite lines together and get an unforgettable concert experience! Before meeting!

Where to buy tickets for the concert "Ivo Bobul and Lilia Sandules "Coast of love through the years"?

Order tickets today using the Concert.ua online service.

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