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Ivo Bobul. The only Invincible Ukraine

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Ivo Bobul is the only Invincible Ukraine! The famous Ukrainian singer Ivo Bobul is going on a concert tour of Ukraine

Why should you go to Ivo Bobula's concert?

  1. An idol of several generations with a unique timbre of voice.
  2. Special program "United Invincible Ukraine" - beautiful songs that heal the soul.
  3. An unforgettable meeting in an atmosphere of warmth and sincerity.

Ivo Bobul with the concert "United Invincible Ukraine"

We invite you to the concert of the popular Ukrainian performer Ivo Bobula! A talented singer, composer and musician, holder of the title of People's Artist of Ukraine - everyone's most important moments of life are connected with his work. So be sure to come to the long-awaited meeting with your relatives and loved ones!

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