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From the life of insects

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The play "From the Life of Insects" will take place in the Actor Theater in Kyiv.

Why should you go to the theater to the play "From the Life of Insects" in Kyiv?

  1. Bright modernization of the famous play.
  2. Live satire and unexpected images of the main characters.
  3. A performance that leads to interesting and important conclusions.

The play "From the Life of Insects" in Kyiv

"From the Life of Insects" is an interesting and meaningful play based on the satirical play of the same name by Karel and Josef Chapek. The performance is a joint project of the Actor Theater and the Supertask theater school. The author of the idea is the honored artist Slava Zhila. The production was worked on by:
  • director Bohdan Danyliuk;
  • assistant director Kristina Avakyan;
  • artist-director Polina Panchenko;
  • acting skill - Ihor Ivanov;
  • musical design – Petro Privalov.
The roles are performed by: Yehor Makarchuk, Kostyantyn Yastreb, Anna Makarenko, Mykhailo Kharin, Taisia Yakovleva, Mykhailo Reksha, Daryna White, Natalia Kostryba, Tetyana Galagan and others.

An unusual "performance for the mind" on the stage of the Actor Theater

The play "From the Life of Insects" was created 100 years ago. However, its problems remain relevant even in our time. The creators of the play adapted the text and created a more modern background. At the same time, colorful satire and bright fantasy kept their strong positions. The play depicts the life of cockroaches and insects on earth after a nuclear explosion. Through metaphorical images and unparalleled satirical dialogues, the author eloquently revealed the greatest human flaws and the meaning of our existence. Come, it will be interesting and convincing! Duration - 1 hour, without intermission. Are waiting for you!

Where to buy tickets for the play "From the Life of Insects" in Kyiv?

You can choose comfortable seats in the hall and quickly issue tickets online on the Concert.ua website.