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I will buy you the Maldives

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WORLD THEATER MASTERPIECE! Golden Comedies Collection!

Kiev Theater "Millennium" is: Very Funny Comedy Ray Cooney "I'll buy you the Maldives"

If you like to laugh and get a sea of positive emotions from going to the theater, the comedy “I'll buy you the Maldives” in the play “Funny Money” by Ray Cooney is for you! This is a brilliant sitcom. The whirlwind and cascade of changing circumstances, growing like a snowball, which escalate to the final, make the heroes instantly react to them, adapt, change and, in the end, take a fresh look at their lives.

Comedy with all the signs of a detective, matrimonial drama, erotic antics and ... big money. This is an ironic and cheerful look at a person with his weaknesses, hopes and desires to be happy!

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