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Why is it worth going to "I'm Odessa, I'm from Odessa hello ..." in Kiev?

1. Estrada is not only Vinnik and Polyakova. This is also Danilets with Moiseenko.
(as well as Drobotenko, Mamenko, Yeshchenko, Ponomarenko brothers, etc.)
Not to mention bison like Shifrin and Vinokur, but Petrosyan and Khazanov.
So we have a deficit with such shows. Exclusive.

2. The artist has no role, he makes laugh and cry in one performance. Distracting from reality, miraculously scatter
because rest is a change of habitual activity and familiar emotions.

3. A person wants to be happy, and does not want to suffer. You can’t laugh and suffer at the same time. Laughing, we are freed from suffering and become happier.

Odessa is not only April Fools' humor, this city is saturated with humor, and, as you know, even the wind from the estuary is saturated with humor in the city.
In Kiev, Kharkov, Chernihiv, Poltava, people come to
market to buy groceries and drag carts home.
No romance, purely utilitarian actions.
Not so on Privoz.
It’s a boardwalk, a show, an action - going out if you want.
So morning flea market is an import.
Buyer and saleswoman of Odessa.
“Well, and how did you feed your chickens?”
- Is it so interesting to you?
- I would also like to lose weight like that ..

At the fish store.
Do you have fresh fish?
You didn’t understand me, I ask you- YOU'RE FRESH FRESH?
I tell you, LIVE !!
And you tell me LIVE !!!!
My Sonya is also alive, but not fresh !!

Early morning. People go to work, all gray, dull, not high
fallen. And one has a great mood, joking jokes,
playfully flirting with the passengers. Finally one woman
does not withstand:
“Well, look, early morning, and this one got drunk in the morning.”
Sly glance, lightning fast response.
- And sho to me to work, not guiding to go?
Humor? Of course! But the crust is that it’s funny for us,
Odessa residents do not see anything funny in this, they are so
they talk, they live like that. We will certainly continue to publish stories peeped
ny on Odessa streets (if there is God's will))

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