I am Jeanne d’Arc

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Why go to the play "I am Jeanne d'Arc"?

1. A modern view of the historical event
2. Opening of the new Kiev theater
3. Director of the play - Anatoliy Tikhomirov, familiar to the audience as a director in the series "School"

Who is Jeanne d'Arc, even those who have never seen an undergraduate in history know: "The national heroine of France, who lived somewhere in the late Middle Ages, and died at the age of 19, burned as a witch on the hearth. In the early twentieth century canonized by the Catholic Church and even proclaimed holy. " This is an official version.

But suddenly everything was not quite right? Or is it not so? And did Jeanne d'Arc exist at all? After all, in order to twist the story, it will be enough for several years. And imagine how many have invented for almost 600, since the death of Jeanne d'Arc!

The play "I am Jeanne d'Arc" (after the play by the prominent Bulgarian playwright, poet and writer Stefan Tsaniev "The Second Death of Jeanne d'Arc") - tells an alternative version of the world-famous history. By genre the spectacle constantly balances between comedy and tragedy.

You, of course, will see Jeanne, but not necessarily d'Arc. On the eve of the execution, she will meet with her Kate, and with the strange Stranger, who calls herself God. These three are good and fun enough to spend time in the finale of some of them still send to the fire. Will it be Jeanne d'Arc? You decide for yourself after watching the show.

This is an exciting and frank story about the present, kings and heroes, power, life, death and resurrection. The fact that the choice is always that the fact that not every decision is made is, in the end, correct. And the fact that if Jeanne d'Arc did not exist, it would definitely have to be invented.

Performance of Kyiv Drama Theater "Darnitsa"

Roles are performed by:
Jeanne - Julia Gavrilova
Cat - Roman November
God is Vladimir Fedorov

Directed by Anatoliy Tikhomirov

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