How did the two poor Romanians speak Polish

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Why go to the play "How did the two poor Romanians speak Polish"?

1. To laugh through tears.
2. Walk around Poland without leaving Ukraine.
3. To travel at least in thoughts.

This is a short, full of humor and drama gags about two sympathetic characters who, under the influence of the unknown impulse, are sent to an unplanned quest by Poland.

The quest is full of comic adventures, which eventually cease to be ridiculous, turning into tragic. The audience must accept the fact that the play is not as frivolous as it may seem at first glance. Her characters do not represent positive social or psychological models, and this quest should not be a life quest for everyone. Even the opposite.

Posted by Dorota Maslovskaya
Director: Tamara Trunova
Actors: Vitaliy Azhnov, Anastasia Babiy, Sergiy Kyyashko, Vladislav Pysarenko, Inna Skorina-Kalaba, Irina Skrypnikova, Irina Tkachenko

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