How not to become gunpowder

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Why go to the show "How not to become gunpowder"?

1. See an interesting play about one day of an ordinary family.
2. Learn to believe in a miracle.
3. To know the secret, how to still not become gunpowder.

We are all dreaming about something. And very often these dreams relate to certain material goods. Simply put, money. Who, say, did not dream of a fabulous prize in the lottery? About a sum with many zeros. And they fancied once, you will spend a lot of crazy money, they suddenly bite on you?

Heroes of the comedy "How not to become gunpowder" so often dreamed of a better life, so suddenly dreams became a reality ... Here's just what to do next? After all, big money can lead to big problems. And on the other hand - how much can you deny yourself all around? In short, the dilemma is complicated. And even more difficult to imagine the finale of this stunning comedy - sure he will surprise you most!

On the Golden Gate stage - one unusual day from the life of an ordinary family, during which everyone can learn what exactly to do to avoid becoming gunpowder.

Posted by Gierd Shpiro
Director: Orest Pastukh
Actors: Dmitry Oliynyk, Inna Skorina-Kalaba, Andriy Polishchuk