Angel, or Sexual neurosis of our parents

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Why is it worth going to the "Angel, or Sexual neuroses of our parents"?

1. Performance about life - with its realities and semitones.
2. The enchanting music of Lacimosa is involved.
3. Leaves strong impressions. Too much.

"Angel, or Sexual neurosis of our parents" - this is the story of Dora.

Dory, who has a little "not all at home," who may not be a beauty, but is able to charm everyone who has dealings with her, who has long been a quiet child, but who at one point with all her innocence rushes into whirlpool of "adult" life.

The moral standards of the family are subjected to cruel scrutiny, the inner law of everyone who has been Dora's entourage for so long has been her only world.

Director - Alla Rybikova
Scenography - Alexey Vakarchuk
Costumes - Valentina Plavun

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Angel, or Sexual neurosis of our parents

12 January 2019 17:00


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