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YARMAK is a performer that you will not see on the red tracks or television shows, his clips rarely appear on music channels, but this does not prevent him from being one of the most famous musicians in our country.

Starting from the first album, the name of which is “YasYutuba”, the artist immediately made it clear that his environment is freedom! Thanks to modern Internet services, each person, with a great desire, can become a star, showing his skills to the whole world. An example of this is the musical career of YARMAK. More than 30 clips, 300000000 hits on YouTube, 2 seasons of the series in collaboration with the UFO channel, full halls across the country, including the five thousandth platform Stereoplaza, what next? And then "SVOE KINO"

“I really love music, but no less I love the movie and the whole shooting process. I was the director and the author of the ideas of all my clips, now we need to move on. I do not want to work with TV channels that limit you in time, resources, language and censorship, so we decided to make a show on our own, in which people would speak as it happens in real life. For real! We have always presented our works for free to our listeners, so having taken up a large and rather expensive project, we decided to ask for the first time the help of our fans. The best way to support our YouTube series is to buy a ticket for a concert in your city. All the money raised will go to the implementation of our project in full scale! On September 21 in the historic summer cinema "Green Theater" we present the first series, and also play a concert in Kiev after a two-year pause. "

Another 15 cities, except Kiev, will be able to “swing” at YARMAK's concerts and support his film project, which will be released in free access to YouTube this fall. Our life - this is the movie, so let's write the plot and story together!

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