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Household drama in two acts

Organizer: S. Safronchik Workshop (student work)

Age limit: 18+

Modern people rarely turn to God for help. In vain or not? This is the question that playwright Anna Yablonskaya poses in her play, but does not answer it. Everyone chooses himself. It is not easy for a student, Kristine, to be expelled from the university, her beloved does not reciprocate, her parents do nothing but swear. And it’s still like snow on the head from a fifteen-year voyage around the monasteries, the grandmother is returning ... more than ever sure that the Lord will correct everything. The author is concerned about the fragility of faith, built only on faith in a miracle.
Director: Sergey Safronchik
Playwright: Anna Yablonskaya
Christina - Marina Derecha
Oleg, her father - Vladislav Finchuk
Marina, her mother - Anastasia Matveeva
Natalia Stepanovna, her grandmother - Darina Baranevich
Boatswain, neighbor - Anton Tsymbal

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