Jesus Christ Superstar

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One of the most prominent episodes in the history of mankind will come to life in the new production of the iconic rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar. Created by Andrew Lloyd Webber's music and Tim Rice's texts, the musical highlights the history of the last weeks in the life of Jesus Christ. As the greed of the adherents of Christ grows, Judas must make his fatal choice between faith and betrayal.

An engaging mix of rock music from the 1970s, gospel, folk and funk themes, combined with vocal improvisations in the technique of vibratory meditative singing, dynamic dance and scenes filled with powerful energy - all this in a rather ambiguous, modern rethinking of biblical history.

Who is Jesus? Father, Messiah, Teacher? Monster fan, superstar? God? Or a simple man? Did he know what he was doing? Come see Hear. To feel it

Production director, artistic director of TOPMUZA studio - Olga Tkachenko
Choreographer - Olga Vorobyova
Musical accompaniment - Valentin Rukomoynikov

The play is in English.

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