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Why go to the Jozef Van Wissem concert?

1. Artist, who wrote the soundtrack for the film Jim Jarmusch "Only Lovers Left Alive"
2. Josef is known for his non-standard approach to using lute
3. Two new albums will be presented

Jozef van Wissem - the Dutch minimalist composer and lute player - will present two new albums in Ukraine. The first "Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back", released in December, and the second, which does not yet have a name and is scheduled for release in the fall.

"Being simultaneously an avant-garde composer and baroque lute player, the Dutch musician Mr. van Wissem easily combines seemingly incompatible", - The New York Times.

In 2013, he received an award at the Cannes Film Festival for the best original music for the film "Only Lovers Left Alive" by Jim Jarmusch. He also recorded several albums with Jarmusch. Josef is known for his non-standard approach to using the lute instrument, typical of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, but more than unexpected in modern music. Despite the sophisticated electronic processing of sound, van Wissem largely remained faithful to the traditional timbre, resonance and technique of playing the lute.

His music is laconic and clear, it produces a hypnotic, almost instinctive emotional impact on the listener and is performed by the author with ascetic concentration, reflected in the names of individual writings derived from Catholicism. Long compositions and graceful melodies seem to lead the listener to a different, ideal world.

We invite you to experience the delicate magic of this music at a concert.

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