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Kachur. Double bass

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Everyone knows that there are devils in a quiet pool. Actor Igor Kachur will tell you a Freudian and a little crazy story based on Patrick Suskind, whose hero is a neurotic musician, like a good half of modest intellectuals, who cannot approach the woman of their dreams.

“What is double bass here?” You ask. And the fact that this tool is a kind of “second lover”, which selects all the time, replacing him all relations with people, as well as sexual. The shadow of his "I", a provocateur and an enemy, the receptacle of all unhealthy projections.

“I want an orgy, violent and insane, but life says: go write articles and think about literature,” critic Belinsky complained. Our double bass player also has something to complain about and something to tell from our own experience.

The main roles are love and neurotic. Supporting characters - Brahms, Beethoven, Haydn, Cherubini and entire galaxies of classics, will have the opportunity to remember as part of our musical micro-educational program.