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Kaidashev family

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Our Omelka has a small family: only he and she, an old man and an old woman, and two baleen guys, and two crested guys, and two dolls in the cradle, and two Christies in a necklace. ”Almost every Ukrainian has known this popular saying since childhood.

And our Omelka has the Kaidashev family. And everything in this family is enough: happiness, tears, quarrels, disputes, despair, joy, hope and faith. Belief that peace and harmony will finally come in the family and in the soul of each of its members. You can only say one thing: what just does not happen in the family. This performance is a mirror for every family.

And it happens to you that the native person in the world becomes hated and unbearable for you. And the biggest mistake at this moment is to agree with this feeling. After all, it is difficult to stop, stop yourself and come to your senses, to prevent this unbridled force of destruction that is approaching you and your family. Destroy quickly. Stop wisely. Rescue is easy if timely.

For the director of the play Igor Fedirko this work is alive. He breathes it for more than one year. This is not just another trivial performance based on the social and everyday story of the outstanding Ukrainian writer Ivan Nechui-Levitsky with its standard naturalistic design. This is a living story, complete and unstoppable. The protagonist of this story is the family.

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