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Kaidashev family (Saksaganskogo Theater)

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Good and evil, human dignity and freedom, family relationships and love, parents and children, faith in God and morality ... All this in an interesting statement on the classic product of Ukrainian literature "Kaidasheva family."

Classic is always interesting for the viewer, because it raises issues that are relevant at all times.

The play "Kaidasheva family" based on the novel by I.Nechoyu-Levytsky in the composition of V.Stasenko combines the unique color of the famous work and the innovative approach to the creation of the stage action. The depth of the problem - lack of spirituality, disrespect of people to one another, the sinfulness of society - is revealed easily and intuitively, in a humorous way, against the backdrop of bright decorations in the original style and accompanied by live music performed by the orchestra of the theater.

All of this is an unusual author's vision, bright decorations and costumes, musical accompaniment, talented actors' play - creating an enchanting folk show that does not leave viewers indifferent and causes a whole bunch of emotions.

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