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Why go to the performance "Kaligula"?

1. "Kaligula" - a story about the Roman emperor, who entered history as the most violent and most insane in his actions.
2. The performance-winner of the Grand Prix of the VIII International Festival "Classic Today", winner in the nomination "The Best Male Secondary Plan" - Honored Artist of Ukraine Viktor Yanchuk, "Best Young Actor" - Stanislav Lozovsky.
3. The play is marked by a special diploma from critics "Height" at the XVII International Theater Festival "White Tower 2012. Classic Plus "in Brest, Belarus.

Kaligula is an absurd tragedy for 2 acts

During the four years of the reign, as the biographer testified, he fell into "caesarean madness" and demanded that he be worshiped as god. Kaligula was punished by subordinates. During the third attempt of the tribunes of the emperor was killed.

In the play A. Kamyu Kaligula, struck by the death of his sister and his lover Drusilly, rebelled against fate and decided to establish in the empire a "kingdom of complete freedom." On his way, he does not spare anyone, rejecting all human feelings and awakening fear and hatred in the surrounding.

The first version of the play "Kaligula" was written in 1939. The young actor of the amateur theater at the studio "Radio Algeria", A. Kamyu creates it shortly before the Second World War and gives it the main role ...

Using the figure of Caligula, A. Camus proves that it is impossible to destroy everything without destroying himself.

In the end, as Joseph de Meister said, every nation has such rulers that deserve it.

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