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Season # visa-free travel in the theater "Golden Gate" continues! We begin the year with the actual play by the German playwright Sergiy Gesner "The Cripples", which literally within a few years gained fame in Europe.

The artistic director of the theater Stas Zhirkov will propose his version of this text.

The story of two guys who made friends in a rehabilitation clinic. Both of them are according to our questionable standards of "cripples".

Have you settled on sad stories? Have you got enough handkerchiefs to wipe away your tears? In vain!

This is a story primarily about adolescents, not about their illness. And what else can two guys talk about, how not about girls and the future, in which there will be no clinic ... And even if there is a clinic, so now do not live? Do not fall in love? Do not dream?

They say that one must always remember those who are worse now than you. But not only.

In fact, one should always remember: life is not worth spending, trying to change what is not able. It is better to spend these efforts to make someone happy. Very soon two heroes Icarus and his friend Francis realize this. It remains to wait for the premiere!

Director: Stas Zhirkov

Duration: 80 min.

Age restriction: 14+

Actors: Bogdan Builuk, Vladislav Onishchenko

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08 November 2018 19:00

, Kyiv

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