Night with Count Cagliostro

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We invite you to a bright comedy performance "Night with Count Cagliostro ! " On the stage are talented actors of the Classical Art Alternative Theater.

You will see a performance in which the director's extraordinary approach is perfectly combined with the presentation of known historical facts. You will be subdued by a witty design and an amazing game of brilliant actors.

The Great Magician Count Cagliostro, his life and incredible adventures have long inspired the world's playwrights and directors. The genius of the mysterious character, as well as the plot of the film "Formula of Love," prompted the theater team of the KHAT to create a new unusual version of the famous story. The production of the theater is about the adventures of the Italians ... near Poltava.

Easy and funny performance is designed to give a great mood. Bright costumes, dances and songs will be adjusted to a positive mood. And the witty replicas of the heroes of the audience will be analyzed by quotations. Absolutely unexpected will be the finale of the play. This is the main surprise of the theater directors! The KHAT team dedicates this performance to the memory of Grigory Gorin, the scriptwriter of the film "The Formula of Love."

Waiting for you!

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