Christmas Concert Bandura Band

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National Honored Bandurist Choir of Ukraine named after GI Mayboroda is a particularly valuable asset and a unique phenomenon of the cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people.

The original, original art of bandura is known and loved in all corners of our Ukraine and beyond. With great success concerts of the choir were held in Bulgaria, Poland, Germany, Yugoslavia, Canada, Japan, France, Spain, Russia, Hungary.

In the repertoire of the celebrated collective - Ukrainian folk songs, ancient canteens, dumas, works of Ukrainian and foreign composers.

Choral singing accompanied by gentle silvery bandura tunes, theatricalization of each song creates an unforgettable impression, captivating the hearts and minds of all who at least touched the sources of the Ukrainian song performed by the National Honored Bandura Band of Ukraine.

National Honored Bandurist Choir named after G.I.Mayboroda has its genre feature - all singers sing and simultaneously play bandura.

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