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Our theater again appeals to the world classics of literature. This time on stage images of the famous fairy tale of the German writer Hauf "Dwarf Nose" will come to life.

Do not hesitate - you will find an incredible musical for family viewing with transformations, witchcraft, magic, magic and fantasy. Could it be otherwise when the old Witch turned the impudent boy Jacob for his sneers and jokes at her unsightly appearance, including his long nose, into an ugly dwarf with an even longer and more disgusting nose. He is imprisoned in another body, Jacob is forced to flee from his native town, where neighbors and relatives do not recognize him, and his parents — his mother, a greengrocer named Hanna, and his father, a shoemaker named Frederick — are being driven out of the house.

Now the exile, Jacob goes on a journey. Deprived of his usual appearance, youth and youthful talent, he is now a great master cook. Thanks to the long nose, Jacob can feel the aromas of delicious dishes and drinks, prepare delicious dishes worthy of even the first table of the kingdom. So the newly-made Dwarf Nose finds himself in the kitchen of the duke himself, where he meets a goose.

The birds immediately seemed unusual to the boy. It turns out that she is the victim of the old Witch's charms. In the body of a white goose is hidden a little girl named Gretchen. Together, the children run away from the palace of the duke and are freed from the spell, regaining their usual appearance. However, now the children have to return home, where, unfortunately, no one even hopes for their return. .

The adventure promises to be unforgettable.

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