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Why should you go to the opera "Carmen"?

1. See one of the most popular theater performances in the world.
2. Enjoy the opera classics.
3. Bright costumes, intense plot and brilliant game of artists.

The work of Georges Bizet "Carmen" is considered one of the most famous in the world. And you will have the opportunity to enjoy this pearl of opera art in the Odessa Opera House.

The brilliant French composer Georges Bizet began work on his colloquial opera in 1874. The libretto was written by Henri Meliac and Louis Halevy, based on the Prosper Merimet novel of the same name. A year later, the premiere of the opera took place in Paris, which ... ended in a grand failure.

For the then audience on the stage, everything was played out too realistic. But it was the devastating reviews that created a stir around the work, bringing him immense popularity. Since then, the demand for opera has not faded away at all. Carmen reflects the musical aspirations of an entire era.

The opera in 4 acts is performed in French and is accompanied by Ukrainian synchronous captions.
Duration - 3.5 hours (with intermissions).

Do not miss this bright and passionate production! Waiting for you!

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