Carmen Suite

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For many years, the image of Carmen has not disappeared from the scenes of the world's leading musical theaters, it surprises, amazes, excites and captivates ..

In the new original interpretation from the main choreographer of the National Operetta of Ukraine Vadim Prokopenko, the viewer will witness a bright, fascinating, incredibly stormy and at the same time tragic love story called “Carmen Suite”: “Every choreographer in his life dreams of creating a play inspired by brilliant music. And the music of Bizet is an element, a tsunami, it is impossible to listen and be indifferent ... Ballet dancers will perform in this production, first of all, as actors, with movement, body plasticity, facial expressions and gestures they will tell the passionate love story that broke out in Spain. ”

The main character is not just a beautiful woman, proud, freedom-loving and uncompromising. She is a hymn of love, sincere love, sensual, passionate, demanding, love of a colossal take-off of feelings.

Carmen is not a doll, not a pretty toy, not a "street girl." For her, love is the essence of life. But no one can understand and appreciate her subtle soul, hidden behind external beauty.

Passionately in love with Carmen Jose. Deep feelings have changed the rough, callous soldier, gave him spiritual joys, but for Carmen his arms soon turned into chains. Fascinated by his feelings, Jose does not want to understand Carmen. He loves, rather, not Carmen, but his feelings for her ...

Carmen may have been happy with the young fearless Torero, but rock determines the fate of the main characters. Passions run high in the arena of bullfighting ...

Spectators of the ballet extravaganza awaits a bright spectacle: music, scenery, costumes, lighting and sound special effects completely recreate the spirit of Spain. You will visit the bullfight, visit the famous Lilas-Pastia tavern, hear the castanets, see the original choreography rich in complex supports, equilibristic techniques and elements of the unsurpassed rhythm-tapping rhythm technique used in the Spanish flamenco dance.

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