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Why go to the KARNA concert?

1. KARNA - a unique group, performing hutsul-metal.
2. From the performances of KARNA, the audience goes adrenaline
3. Anyone who has ever had an opportunity to hear these musicians live, enthusiastically share their opinions about the unrealistically cool live!

After the turbulent festival season, where the band has already been "christened" as "shikarna", the founders of the genre "hutsul metal" go on an all-Ukrainian tour to bring every powerful energy of the Carpathians. Therefore, the name of the tour # gutsulmetalvkozhnuhatu speaks for itself.

The "KARNA" band is a cult phenomenon in Ukrainian music, which is more than 20 years old. Now the band is experiencing a new wave of popularity. The reason for this is the phenomenal success of the "Party on Prykarpattya" clip, it was also noted as the best video clip of the "Best Metal Act" in 2017, and the equally successful release of the album "Gutsulmetal" which became the foundation for the eponymous musical direction.

In addition to the authentic Carpathian colors in music, a striking feature of the new genre was the concert invention of the KARNA group called Metal Arkan, which combines traditional Carpathian dance - Arkan with elements of world rock culture: slam, circle pit.

People of different ages rush to the performances of one of the oldest Ukrainian extreme groups. Therefore, the hunt for tickets begins long before the planned concert. Get tickets and be sure that the meeting with Karna will not pass you by!

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