Carnival of Sins

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Why should you go to the play "Carnival of Sins"?

1. On the same stage will be characters from different plays of the great Shakespeare.
2. The spectators will, together with the heroes of the performance, look for answers to the questions that always concern humanity.
3. The staging will give unforgettable impressions and inspire new achievements.

In the New Ukrainian theater put "Carnival of sins." Do not miss the unusual production!

And the play is unusual in that Romeo with Juliet, Hamlet with Ophelia, Lady Macbeth with her husband, and even King Lear with their daughters will become his heroes. At first glance, it is strange, but it will be interesting!

We all know and often ask ourselves the Shakespearean question “to be or not to be?”. Not only Hamlet thought about “how, what and why - to be?”. Or not to be? What do the heroes of the plays of the legendary playwright think about this?

Come to admire the immersion of actors in classic stories in search of new truths.

Waiting for you!