Carnival at the Tabar Hotel

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Why go to the Carnival at the Tabor Hotel?

1. Immerse yourself in gypsy color.
2. Enjoy bright dramaturgy.
3. The play will not leave anyone indifferent.

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An unlucky part has brought in the past the queen of a Gypsy romance in a small town of Italy. Here it is recognized under the pseudonym Jenny Jeepsey. Somewhere there, behind the shoulders, was the light of the sophist scene, crowds of fans, ovations and, of course, love.

It's not easy to live in a foreign country, so the main heroine begins to rent rooms for visiting travelers. The residence receives a bright name - "Tabor", which is fully justified by its appearance - stylized under a gorgeous Gypsy tent.

Time is coming, but the pain of loss does not subsist. After all, with her there is no main thing - the only daughter of Patrina and once fascinated by all the voices. But once on the eve of Christmas everything has changed: beloved child was found.

Moving and strong history will not leave indifferent viewers. The actors of the first and only state-owned Roma Gypsy professional theater "Romance" do not just play the stage - they live in it. And therefore they can not be believed.

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