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Catharsis is the premiere of a musical performative project, a history of spirit, despair and purification.

Created by a team of cultural managers of the music agency kontrabass promo and the GOGOLFEST contemporary art festival.

The performance was developed by the natives of the center of contemporary art "DAH".

The Sheetel & the Good Stuff formation worked on music, an alternative band whose work can be described as a mixture of trip-hop and grunge.

“Catharsis” is an artistic intention to reach a special form of tragedy, when the embodiment of conflict and the emotion of shock cleanse and give new impulses inside, open previously unfamiliar breath.

The project was originally supposed to be in the Church of St. Catherine, but was expelled by the Church Council. The officially announced reason was the art video teaser of the project, which "ruins Faith and the Church."

At the same time, Catharsis is a deep spiritual story. We will all find ourselves in the head of a holy fool, driven to despair by the loneliness and cruelty of the everyday world. He sought refuge in the Church, but was also hatedly banished from there. The last outpost of his faith is the Temple of Art.

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