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Coffee cantata

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The play is in the cozy lobby of the theater, spectators sit at tables with candles with a scent of fragrant, fragrant, delicious coffee, are treated with sweet candies and watch the development of staging ...

Father wants to force his daughter to abandon the habit of drinking coffee. Neither promise, prohibition, nor threats can force her to abandon her favorite drink. She glorifies the incomparable taste of this refined drink.

The "Coffee Cantata" of the prominent German composer, organist and unsurpassed master of polyphony Johann Sebastian Bach, for good reason, saw the world in the very beginning of 1730. In those days coffee in Europe was extremely popular.

At the National Operetta, the evening concert takes place under the Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, the Sit Minor Suite and other works by Bach. A prelude to the show is a kind of prelude: the actor hospitably invites viewers to the musical living room. The light and the public dries under the enchanting sounds of the works of Maestro going on a journey to the past. The viewer immerses in the elegant atmosphere of the XVIII century.