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Why go to the KAZKA concert?

1. Hear the group's debut album
2. See for yourself the "Opening of the Year" of the YUNA Music Award
3. To allow yourself this evening to be not a saint

KAZKA announces the debut all-Ukrainian # KARMATUR

This fall, dozens of Ukrainian cities will be able to experience all the magic of KAZKA live.

After the deafening success of the first plate KAZKA - KARMA - in the network, the experimental pop trio introduced the liveplay on one of the main Kiev sites. The heated crowd from the first notes picked up every musical story and for a long time did not release the band from the stage.

To get to know the supporters of their creativity outside the capital, this autumn KAZKA travels to Ukraine with a live presentation of the KARMA album. 10 personal stories in ethno-musical wrapping and accompanied by folk vocal will be a real discovery for connoisseurs of modern Ukrainian music.

Travel KAZKA Ukraine plans in a special composition: along with soloist Alexandra, keyboardist Nikita and master of wind instruments Dima on stage to light the virtuoso drummer Eugene and the trio of chorus students Darya, Irina and Vasilisa. Some tracks of the girl's album were supplemented with a stylized folk song, so the favorite songs of the KARMA album got a new sound and mood. Such KAZKA can be seen and heard only during live concerts.

Do not miss the opportunity to become part of an exciting story called KARMA in your city!

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