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Why go to the event "Tales ON / OFFLINE"?

1. Every child a free gift from Santa Claus!
2. Modern interactive storyline for modern children!
3. Warm beautiful hall in the city center!

We invite you to join an interesting New Year program where you and the little ones will plunge into the world of the new!

Having decided to destroy fairy tales, the powerful Internet comes up with a plan that will erase them from all the files in this world. If he manages to collect parts of the Big Router, which are scattered around the world, then all the fabulous will disappear forever, and the little ones will become puppets of a bad Internet. As assistants, he takes the Super Villains - Grew with "Despicable Me" and Gaga with Monster High, who must embody a cunning plan and extend the power of his master.

But fabulous heroes are determined! The boy Daniel, Kotigoroshko, Serpent Gorynych, - will prevent the plans of "Neta" to carry out his plan. Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden will come to the aid of our heroes, but above all, the support of the audience will be needed! A lot of surprises, contests and quests are waiting for us on the journey.

This is a real action in which two worlds will intersect in opposition and which one of them will win is up to you. The tale is in Ukrainian, the duration is 50 minutes, each child has a free New Year's gift. The New Year is a fairytale feast when faith in miracles and good reigns over everything. Since childhood, every adult remembers that this is an unusual and magical time when wishes come true and love reigns! Give unforgettable emotions to yourself and your loved ones!

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