Tales of the Old Nile

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Why go to the play "Tales of the Old Nile"?

1. Do you dream about summer at the height of winter?
2. Do you know about the legendary warrior Caesar and the charming Cleopatra?
3. Do you dream of receiving a gift from the hands of the Chief New Year Wizard?

Want to visit Egypt? And in the vibrant world of Ancient Egypt with Cleopatra and Caesar? And how will Santa Claus get here with presents?

“Tales of the Old Nile” will delight you with the unexpected transformations of the priest-half-educated, the insidiousness of Brutus and the mother goddess Isis. There are wayward slaves and brave legionnaires. You will visit the Nile Spill Festival, hear the voice of the goddess of love Hathor and have fun with the cat goddess Bast.

Who will Caesar turn into? Will the mummy come to life? What happened to Nefertiti? Will love endure all trials? Will Cleopatra and Caesar be in place? Neal will tell!

The duration of the performance is 80 minutes, without intermission, for children under 3 years old - for free!

A gift for every child!

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