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Why go to a Kedr Livanskiy concert?

1. Listen to Kedr Livanskiy's new album "Ariadna"
2. Dissolve in mystical music
3. Look at beautiful Yana Kedrina

The other day, Yana Kedrina asked on her Instagram page if she should go to Ukraine again to show Ariadna. The answer is obvious: of course yes!

Yana Kedrina - this is Kedr Livanskiy. Yana steals our hearts every time with her mystical electronics with subtle, romantic vocals and mythological texts. Melancholic, purposely noisy electronics, under which Kedrina herself draws some verbal images that are understandable primarily to her. Well, everyone just sees their meaning.

"Ariadna" is the full-length album of Kedr Livanskiy, who saw the world in 2017, fell in love with the track of the same name and plunged into the absolutely special atmosphere of the mystic of the performer.

We will hear it live again!

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