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Kitty's house

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The dynamic, funny plot of the play will appeal to both kids and adults, because it talks about how important it is for a family to live together, to help and support each other.

Rich, spoiled and wayward Cat lives in a good, big house surrounded by expensive things. Her treats, clothes and ... even the personal guard cat Basil cause the envy of "friends" neighbors.

But trouble happens - the fire destroyed the house along with all its good. Left homeless, the Cat goes to seek asylum for his "friends." However, neither the Chicken, nor the Goat, nor the Pig allow the unfortunate Cat to spend the night. Only poor nephews, orphaned kittens, which Aunt Cat had never wanted to know, refused to have a piece of bread, open the doors of their modest home for her. The former socialite becomes a kind, caring Cat and together with her nephews and the cat Vasily builds a new house, in which there is no place for envy, insincerity and betrayal.

The themes touched upon in the musical today sound very topical and not childish: the meanness and betrayal of the once kind “friends” are a neighbor, sympathy and help from the fellows in a difficult moment, moral decay of the personality and its qualitative rebirth. Adult viewers in the plot of the children's musical easily recognize the pictures of the real life of modern Ukraine.

A subtle grotesque comedy game of actors, a juicy and accurate translation of poetic texts, fun and pleasant music, vivid scenery, creative costumes, as well as light and sound special effects will plunge the audience into the fantastic world of a realistic fairy tale with a happy ending.

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