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Why it is worth going to the Kiev Modern Ballet Festival?

1. The team "Kyiv Modern Ballet" is the calling card of modern Ukrainian dance art.
2. Extraordinary performances of Radu Poklitaru give a feeling of lightness and creative freedom.
3. You will see the best ballet performances from the rich repertoire of "Kiev Modern-Ballet".

For all connoisseurs of modern conceptual art of dance, for the 5th consecutive year in Odessa, the Kiev Modern Ballet Theater under the direction of Radu Poklitaru holds its Summer in Modern style festival, where new and already beloved by the viewer works are presented to the audience, already become truly legendary team.

"Kiev Modern Ballet" for the past 10 years has always been the author's theater. The leader, choreographer, generator of ideas, inspirer, author of all performances is Radu Poklitaru.

In 2018, a significant event occurred: the state took the theater under its care and awarded him the title of Academic. Radu Vitalyevich is not going to dwell on this and is confident that his theater is worthy of being National!

This time the annual festival will present to the audience such productions of the famous choreographer as “Carmen TV” “Women in D Minor”, “Up the river”, “IN PIVO VERITAS”, “Swan Lake”, “Quartet-A-Tet”, “Two on the swing "and the premiere of" Wii. " Now the theater has a "Nutcracker" and "Swan Lake", and "Sleeping Beauty." In all three performances, little remained of classical performances, perhaps only the music of the great composer. Radu often refers to the primary sources of the works. So "The Nutcracker" is a Hoffmann tale, "Sleeping Beauty" is far from a children's tale of the Neapolitan Jambattista Basile, and the ballet "Swan Lake" has a generally modern version. Creativity Radu Poklitaru characterizes the fact that it fits to all the stories with a huge share of humor.

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