Festival Kiev Modern Ballet

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Why it is necessary to go to the Festival Kiev Modern Ballet?

1. The collective of "Kiev Modern-Ballet" is a visiting card of modern Ukrainian dance art.
2. Unordinary performances Radu Poklitaru are given a feeling of lightness and creative freedom.
3. You will see the best ballet performances from the rich repertoire of "Kiev Modern-Ballet".

All Odessa lovers of contemporary conceptual dance art are invited by the Odessa Summer Art Nouveau Festival, where Kiev Modern Theater-Kiev will present its most successful works. It will be fresh, beautiful and unlimitedly talented.

This time the annual festival will present to the audience such performances of the famous choreographer Radu Poklitaru as "Sleeping Beauty", "Bolero", "Rain", "Giselle", "Swan Lake", "Carmen". In each work - an unexpected interpretation of a familiar plot, balancing on the brink of classical and experimental intonations. In the graceful movements of dancers - an immeasurable abundance of emotions and experiences. Against the background of the contrast of classics and ethnics, a deep philosophy of body language is expressed. Music acquires a face and form, becomes tangible ...

The author's style of Radu Poklitaru is unique. His view of the future gives birth to unexpected and always successful performances. Each performance is conceptually new, but it never loses its connection with the classical prototype. Waiting for you!

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