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From 9 to 11 February, KISFF Weekend in the cinema "Ukraine"! Comedy, Last Year's Winners and Midnight Sexy Shorts!

The first show is devoted to the winners of the festival: the winner of the main prize of the international competition, the film "Chasser Royal" directed by Liz Acoque and Roman Gere, "Cinema of the Summer" by Emmanuel Marr, who received the special prize, as well as "The three stages" and "Avtoostopers".

The comedy block is already a whole tradition on #KISFF. It will be funny, and it's the main thing. The tapes have a rough-satirical taste and ridicule not only the characters of the film, but also ourselves and the society in which we live, and do it right in the face, without hiding behind masks of hypocrisy and clowning.

Midnight Sexy Shorts again on the big screen?! What do the genitals feel (first-person narrative)? What hides (and where is) the clitoris? And what's the difference between a retrosex and a supersex? All this and even a little more.

Midnight Sexy Shorts


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