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Why should I visit KISFF2019?

1. The largest event in Ukraine, dedicated to the actual short meter.
2. A rich program that introduces the various stories that take place in different parts of the world.
3. Ability to communicate personally with the laureates of world film festivals.

From April 17 to April 21, VIII Kyiv International Short Film Festival will present an up-to-date short film from around the world and the cinema classics, will introduce you to their authors and representatives of the world's film industry.

Among more than 250 tapes, in four dozen blocks, you will find something that comes to mind.

Among the tricks of KISFF are the search for "new" movies and new ones in the cinema, reflections on the artistic value, Ukrainian cinema of the present and the past.

In addition to traditional competitive and non-competitive programs, dozens of curatorial choices, show shows of leading cinema schools, famous film festivals, retrospective blocks of Ukrainian cinema, special children's program, world cinema heritage will be waiting for you. Also, experimental and radical cinema will not remain unnoticed.

Festival Center - Kyiv Cinema. Some events take place in different places of Kyiv.

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