Classics for children

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Why should you go to the concert "Classics for Children"?

1. Classical music enriches the child's inner world.
2. At the concert will also sound favorite tunes of children from popular cartoons.
3. "Classics for children" - this is one of the few ways to introduce children to high art.

A concert "Classics for Children" will be held at the Oktyabrsky Palace. This is a new program and a sea of vivid impressions. Do not miss!

The program includes famous works from the world's piggy bank of classical music, as well as melodies from your favorite cartoons. To listen to listeners with classical music will be the orchestra "Virtuosos of Kiev".

Each song will be accompanied by interesting stories. A picture of sand animation will give children joyful emotions.

"Classic for children" - a program designed for ages from 4 to 12 years. The real pleasure will also be given to adults who will be able to travel the world of music with their children.

Come as a family!

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