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Claudia Shulzhenko. Old waltz

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Why is it worth going to the performance of Klavdiya Shulzhenko. An old waltz?

1. Learn about the life of a singer beloved by many
2. See a video projection that is rare for a classical theater
3. Enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere, complemented by decorations and music

Claudia Shulzhenko is not just a name. And not even just the name of a world-famous singer. This is the name of the star. The stars, which once lit up in the sky of the ordinary human world and fell to the ground, turned into a little girl, who was destined to do the impossible. It was she who managed to sing a song that is timeless: people changed, years and decades, and she always stayed with us. After all, the song that touched the soul of the listener will live forever!

On the stage of the most modern theater in Kiev - the National Academic Theater of Russian Drama - you will have the opportunity to enjoy an amazing production by Olga Gavrilyuk, in which the incomparable, talented Olga Kogut will perform the role of Claudia Shulzhenko. Vadim Askevich will be the accompanist.

Vivid scenography by Alexey Vakarchuk, talented musical design by Vadim Askevich and Olga Gavrilyuk, accentuated by perfectly matched costumes from Valentina Plavun. A special highlight of the concert is the video projection created by Alexey Rabin and Andrey Ryabin.

The duration of the performance-concert is 1 hour 20 minutes. The production goes without intermission.

Age restrictions - 14+

Viewers under the specified age are not allowed to attend events

Entry to the auditorium after the start of the event is prohibited.