The Cage

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Why should you go to the play "The Cage"?

1. Very funny and talented.
2. With such heroes you will not get bored.
3. The viewer does not even know what adventures await the grievous prisoners.

We invite you to a terrific comedy play “The Cage”. This is a new gift to the public from the creators of the acclaimed masterpiece "Odessa-Mama Train". Do not miss!

You will play with an incredible dynamic storyline performed by legendary artists: Ruslana Pysanka, Oleg Filimonov, Jan Levinzon. The best Ukrainian comedians will take the stage to give the viewer an unforgettable impression, causing homeic laughter.

The cage for the heroes of the play is, of course, a prison, into which very colorful persons fall. One - station "whore". The other is not by chance called Elton John. And the third one is a poet wrapped in a sheet.

Collective still one! But the funny thing is ahead. What only does not expect heroes in the chamber! We are sure that nobody will be able to predict the development of the plot. Come and enjoy great acting, fun songs and most importantly - laugh heartily.

The duration of the performance - 2 hours, with intermission.

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