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KLIM Slow Art Set

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The performance of the Power of Trinity, a collage of scenes and episodes, is compiled from parts of various plays KLIM. And each time collage is going in different ways, from different shreds and differently stitched.

Each play is a separate world, with its conditions and themes, pain points and spiritual experiences. KLIM Slow art set - a journey between these worlds, their tasting from sommelier - Vlad Trinity.

In order to understand and feel, we must hear. At the heart of every world - the words that are born right in your eyes. In the fast-food era, art became fast. People contemplate books, performances - and do not resort to words, skip them, watch only the motion of apparent intrigue, but do not plunge into the deep. Learning to hear is to find content not only where it is obvious, but also where there are difficulties where you need to focus and effort.

Slow art is a journey with frequent, permanent stops. Slow perception - and it is the fastest, that is effective: and fast - the slowest, unprofitable. Slowly means "not fast". When the viewer does not just slip over the surface, but also plunges into amazing depths.

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