The Key to the Cobblestone or Wedding Night Adventures

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The Key to the Cobblestone or Wedding Night Adventures

Heroes and heroine opera Jacques Offenbach drink wine in front of the audience, sing hymns to truffles in champagne, joke, wear seductive clothing, allow themselves light insignificance. Some want to fly to the moon to get rid of boring everyday affairs, others tend to hell, because there is fun ... Sample family man Jacques Offenbach in the opera-buffoon "Key on the pavement or the adventures of a wedding night" ridicules deceived men and does not glorify women too much strict rules.

So, what can I forgive a woman? And can she believe it, even if the marriage night brides with other people in a locked room ?! The topic of love triangles, lovers in the closet, women's logic, and men's patience has always attracted interest from the public. And especially now, when the play goes to the cozy lobby of the theater, the spectators sit at the tables with candles behind a glass of champagne and candy and watch an action unfolding at the distance of the elongated hand ...

Production group:

Production director - Mr. and. Ukraine Bogdan Strutynsky
Conductor - Vadim Perevoznikov
Artist-designer - Svetlana Pavlichenko
Costume designer - Irina Davydenko
Conductor - Sergey Golubnychy
Choreography - Natalia Skuba
Director - Mr. and. Ukraine Mykola Butkovskii
Artist from the light - Ruslan Dolinich

Actors and performers:

FLORESTAN - Vladimir Odinsky
MARTIN - Mr. and. Ukraine Serhiy Pavlinov, with. and. Ukraine Sergey Avdeev
SUZON - with. and. Ukraine Asya Sereda-Goldun, Solomiya Prymak
ROZITA - with. and. Ukraine Irina Bespalova-Primak, with. and. Ukraine Galina Gregorchak-Odinskaya
LEADER - with. and. Ukraine Arsen Kurbanov, Dmytro Sharaburin

Guests are the performers of the choir and the ballet of the theater

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