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Why it is worth to go to the show "Lovers to order"?

1. Communicate with a Ukrainian movie star, a favorite of viewers - George Povolotsky.
2. To plunge into the crazy world of love, modern humor, unforeseen funny situations and the French adjuster.
3. Make a gift to a loved one and have fun

Sex. Spicy humor. Scheming. Imagine! Cozy country house. A quiet romantic evening with a mistress is planned. But there is a problem! The wife suddenly decides to stay home. Now all the romance will have to be canceled?

No way! Our adventurous husband (movie and television star Georgiy Povolotsky (People's servant, wild field, brotherhood, sniffer and others)) decides not to deprive himself of pleasant guests and gives his mistress for ... And you will find out the rest on the show.

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