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Why should I go to the play "Colors"?

1. To see the staging that breaks the applause all over the country.
2. To try to understand such a complex concept as a "soul".
3. Survive a vivid palette of profound experiences.

"Colors" is the famous staging of the "Golden Gate" theater, which won the audience of many festivals.

After visiting Kherson, Ternopil, Mukacheve and other Ukrainian cities, the actors greeted the warm welcome and ripped off a stormy ovation. Have you seen the performance "Colors" yet? It's time! What is the soul? According to the author Pavel Arie, this is a child. And he is looking for warmth, understanding. It must be listened and protected. After all, the soul can not cope with Death and can not compete with Life. And who will support it?

There is one place where the soul again and again becomes a child - a home. And what about your native country? Is this a house? In the play colors blend reflecting the shades of temperament, female characters. The development of character from youth to old age - all this in the "Flowers".

Director - Vlada Belozyorenko. The roles are performed by: Vitalina Bibles, Ekaterina Vishneva, Valeria Bryanskaya, Anna Glukhenkaya, Inna Skorina-Kalaba, Anastasia Salata, Lilia Tsvelikova.

Waiting for you!