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The play "Colors" in Kyiv. The Golden Gate Theater in Kyiv presents the production of "Colors" in the genre of living history.

Why is it worth going to the play "Colors" in Kyiv?

1. The genre of the production is conducive to empathy and immersion in the plot.
2. Reflections on the soul is a complex, but important stage in the life of every person.
3. Awesome acting game will not leave anyone indifferent.

Performance "Colors" in Kyiv

We invite you to the Golden Gate Theater for the play "Colors" based on a play by the Ukrainian playwright Pavlo Arie. Staging in the genre of living history will be a real revelation for the viewer. There will be no indifference. Come!

The living history of "Colors" on the stage of the Golden Gate Theater

The performance of "Colors" is a unique concept based on giving color to every important phenomenon in human life. Relations, characters, growing up all these processes can be clothed in one or another shade of the palette. The method cannot be called simple. It requires a special directorial approach and acting professionalism. Come and enjoy the result of the work of these masters.

The production also encourages everyone to think about their soul. After all, sooner or later, such a complex topic still becomes relevant. Associating a state of mind with his native home, the author asks with family relationships in difficult questions. You will try to find the answers with the heroes of the play.

The author is Pavlo Arie.
The director is Vlada Belozorenko.
Actresses – Khrystia Liuba, Vitalina Bibliv, Kateryna Vyshneva, Inna Skoryna-Kalaba, Valeriia Brianska, Liliia Tsvelikova.

The duration of the performance is 75 minutes.

For viewers from 14 years old.

Where to buy tickets for the play "Colors" in Kyiv?

Order tickets for the play "Colors" at the Golden Gate Theater in Kyiv on Concert.ua. Electronic tickets and tickets with delivery are available.