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Sviatoslav Kondrativ. Tour Meteora. The world through the eyes of a violinist

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Why should you go to the concert of Sviatoslav Kondrativ?

1. Enjoy instrumental music
2. To hear the virtuoso playing of the violinist who performed in different parts of the world
3. Spend an evening with friends

We welcome you and on behalf of the Maestro violin Sviatoslav Kondrativ we invite you to a unique event in your city - a concert of the project #SvitOchimaSkipalia in the framework of the second All-Ukrainian tour with a new program "METEORA". This evening you will receive an ocean of emotions from the romantic and expressive music of Sviatoslav Kondrativ.

Sam Maestro looks stylish and at ease, usually in jeans, comfortable tunic and youth sneakers. And his virtuosic and uninhibited execution of author compositions in a pop-genre genre for a drivable bit of drums and guitars makes listeners not only dream, enjoying the unusual sound of a violin, but also singing, clapping, kicking and even dancing with him!

That's how 20 concerts of the first All-Ukrainian tour of Sviatoslav Kondrativ took place in the largest cities of Ukraine, which took place last season. Live sound and real live emotions on the stages of the leading concert venues from the best musicians of Ukraine who participated in the band Maestro, left an unforgettable impression for all who attended the concerts of the project #SvitOchimaSkripalia. This project is known for amazing music videos that take a violinist in the most beautiful places in the world - Meteors of Greece, the dunes of the Sahara, the Norwegian fjords, Venice, Barcelona, etc. In a matter of days, these videos are typed in hundreds of thousands of views, likes, positive comments.

On stage, Sviatoslav travels with his listeners to beautiful places where he had to visit, talk about them, that he was impressed and inspired, supplementing his stories with unsurpassed play and giving the listener the emotions that he experienced. The combination of author's music and travels leave unforgettable impressions, which grateful fans write on Facebook's official Facebook page.

And in the fall of 2018 starts the second All-Ukrainian tour of Sviatoslav Kondrativ. It is called "METEORA" and is dedicated to the place of unearthly beauty that is in beautiful Greece! It was here that the shooting of the new music video Maestro for the song of the same name took place. Also will be called the second album of Sviatoslav, in his support the Maestro goes to the second All-Ukrainian tour. His geography will be wider. To 20 cities, where a violinist with his band was already performing, concerts are added in Uzhgorod, Khmelnitsky and Odessa. And in the program - new compositions by Sviatoslav Kondrativ, his impeccable virtuosic play, enchanting energy and unforgettable emotions!

So do not hesitate, choose the best places right now, and see you at the concert!

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