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Why is it worth going to the play "Queen Instagram"?

1. The Queen Instagram - a life comedy with exquisite humor.
2. Women's roles in the performance are performed by actresses whose beauty dazzles.
3. The staging is another reason not only to laugh, but also to ponder over important life issues.

We invite you to the comedy production of Antonia Khodorovsky "The Queen of Instagram".

Performance - for spectators from 18 years. The author warns: opponents of black humor and overly sensitive individuals viewing - not recommended. Well, and how can you miss this comedy after such an intriguing beginning?

All the events of the play unfold around the important decision of the heroine - Valerie - to file for divorce with her husband. They say that she is an ordinary servant for him. And it's time to take a radical step. But, in his misfortune, Valerie decides to postpone the fateful moment and first ask the opinion of her friends and beloved mother. The women's company is going to a nice, at first glance, gatherings.

But instead of talking heart to heart, Valerie gets a flurry of offensive jokes from her best friends. And the mother calls her daughter "the mistake of youth." What Valerie expects next, depends on her ability to get along with the rules of the Instagram-community.

Cast - Natalia Kudryashova (presenter of the program "Auditor Shops"), Lada Brik (model MAXIM Czech Republic and PLAYBOY international), Alena Musienko (TV presenter), Inna Bovkun (actress, TV presenter), Nikolai Stefanyuk (theater and cinema actor).

Waiting for you!

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