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For cinema enthusiasts, from 19:00 to 21:00, an online collection of short films from Denmark, a country that is well-positioned in the field of high-quality copyright cinema, will be shown online. The number of viewers is limited to 200

3rd Short Meter Festival from Denmark

Age: 16+

Language: Made in Ukrainian

Duration: 1:22

Production: Denmark

The program of the festival includes 11 different genres of films that have the prestige of prestigious international film festivals: game and animation films - drama, comedy, adventure, action, fantasy.


Comedy, animation, 5 min.

Director: Ricky AK Planet

Plot: Alex, a young woman in need of modern life, lured Bacchus into a colorful and mysterious world to explore her deepest desires ...


Comedy, drama, 22 min.

Director: Tamms Bernstein

Plot: A strange friendship begins between two strange personalities during an unexpected trip to Copenhagen.

Awards: 3 wins and 2 nominations

Be Epic! London International Film Festival

  • Victories - Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Short Film
  • Nominations - Best Director, Best Script


Drama, Animation, Fiction, 8 min.

Director: Paul Charlie Raven

Plot: Ten years ago, the world went through a terrible epidemic: due to an unknown illness, all women and children were killed and horrific changes occurred with men. Somehow miraculously survived and two orphans, Albert and Jonas, who have preserved human faces and are trying to survive in the dead city.

Awards: Robert Festival - Winner - Best Short - Fiction / Animation


Drama, fantasy, 5 min.

Director: Henry Bierregard Clausen

Plot: A young woman finds herself aboard a military space plane. The soldiers do not pay attention to her until their commander clarifies her identity. And then hell begins ...

Awards: Asians On Film Festival - Winner - Best Action / Adventure


Drama, 8 minutes

Director: Mads Krause Sorensen

Plot: The young boy, Philip, who is 18, decides to visit his father for the first time in years. Finally Philip is old enough to meet without his mother's permission ... But will the boy's expectations come true?


Drama, Comedy, Animation, 8 min.

Director: Henry Malmgren

Plot: Annually, an old single widow named Elsa celebrates the birthday of her beloved late husband. As always, she prepares a holiday dinner, writes a greeting card specifically for him, and lights candles at the table. But this year, the holiday turned out to be a failed visit by a dangerous guest, and Elsa is making a serious decision that will not only change her own life ...


Drama, 5 min.

Director: Emily Rasmussen

Plot: Sometimes when life seems difficult, the "other side" may seem like a cheap ticket to a better life. A dramatic journey filled with anxiety, symbolism and the contrast between sadness and joy.


Drama, animation, 7 min.

Director: Patricia Chmak

Plot: Despite the negative impact of the surrounding world and all the troubles, it finds its way to itself.


Drama, 3 minutes

Director: Gustav Heilesen Andersen

Plot: Sometimes, overwhelmed by imaginary feelings, we do not notice those who are near ...

A parrot - a Wanderer

Comedy, animation, 7 min.

Director: Mads Weidner

Plot: Not very attractive to the parrot Pierre was lucky when one fashion pirate realized that he was late ...


Documentary, Travel, Nature, 4 min.

Director: Adrien Modwitt

Plot: The unique beauty of nature ... Northern lights in Denmark ...

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