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For cinema enthusiasts, from 20:00 to 22:00, a link will be shown online in the online collection of short films from the Netherlands, a country that holds the leading position in the field of quality copyright cinema. The number of viewers is limited to 1 00

The link will be sent by the organizers on the day of viewing at 19:45 to e-mail to all who have purchased the right to view from the ticket operator.


Age: 16+

Language: Made in Ukrainian

Duration: 1:12

Production: The Netherlands

Collection of 10 different genre paintings - drama, comedy, animation, thriller, adventure. The films have 9 prestigious IFF awards, including the Berlin IFF.


Bullet Time

Adventure, Animation , 6 min.

Director: Frodo Cooper

Plot: Shootout of the classic western, in which two released balls fall in love with each other ...

Awards: 1 nomination - Almeria Western FF- Best Shortfilm

The film was selected by an independent committee of Dutch film professionals to represent Oscar® in the category of short animated films.



Comedy, animation , 3 min.

Director: Dario van Vri

Plot: During a visit to a bookstore, 19-year-old Gwen casually draws attention to a gathering of stunning erotica, while feeling the disapproving glances of other visitors. Will Gwen allow his deepest desires to govern her?



Experiment, Animation , 2 min.

Director: Johan Ripma

Plot: The line is extrapolated through the grid. At the end of the boundaries of the grid, the process spreads in space and gradually causes deformation, albeit in a systematic but speculative way ....


For free

Comedy , 10 min.

Directors: Maryne Scholte Albers, Tobias Smiths

Cast: Bram Kupmans, Nico de Vries, Bastian Grac

Plot: Becoming a 100,000th customer in a supermarket, the couple wins the prize: a free purchase within 60 seconds. Unexpected problems occur ...

Rewards: 2 wins

- Emden IFF- Best Short Film

- Nederlands FF- Best Short Film


Heads Together

Adventure, Animation , 20 min.

Directors: Marike Blau, Joris Oprins

Plot: An alien washing machine exchanges the heads of three friends, and now they have to relive each other's lives ...



Drama, animation , 4 min.

Director: Digna van der Put

Plot: Six fanfare flutists study the uniform of a uniform. A journey that does not go without incident.


Jordy and Transitland

Confession, drama with elements of animation, 6 min.

Director: Willem Timmers

Plot: Wandering in the realm of man and woman, George feels that the dichotomy is now more acute than ever. Should she adjust to herself? And what is the price for this? A modern fairy tale as a poetic protest against today's transgender realities.

Awards: Vidlings and Tapehead - Best Documentary


Ticking Away

Drama, animation , 10 min.

Director: Michael Sevnaren

Plot: The lone watchmaker seeks solace in his daily work. He is fond of ticking watches and hates digital, given the circumstances. One evening a strange man knocks on the door and asks him to repair an unusual clock ...


- Shortcutz Amsterdam - Winner - Best Animation - Michael Sewnarain



Thriller , 9 min.

Director: Mark Lev

Cast: Sally Harmsen, Thomas Rickkeert

Plot: The naked body of a young woman lies motionless on the kitchen floor ... In a nearby forest, a man searches for his dog ... Their paths intersect at a copy center, where it turns out that an outwardly shy woman has a strange obsession with the image of her body ...


1 win:

- Shortcutz Amsterdam - Best Cinematography - Tibor Dingelstad

2 nominations

- Shortcutz Amsterdam - Nominee - Best Director - Marc de Leeuw

- Shortcutz Amsterdam - Nominee - Best Editing - Pelle Asselbergs



Adventure, Animation , 2 min.

Director: Marlis van der Vel

Plot: During the bird migration, the Dog needs to find a new friend to rejoin the others and overcome the difficult journey ...

Awards: 1 nomination-Berlin IFF- Nominee Crystal Bear - Best Short Film

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