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Festival "SHORT METER about Love"

Age: 16+
Language: Made in Ukrainian.
Duration: 1:27
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romantic Comedy, Animation
Production: USA, Japan, Ireland, Slovakia, Germany

Love - a complex category, often no longer understood, but always beautiful!

Love fascinates, excites, pushes for majestic, and sometimes even meaningless actions, calls in the road, forces you to set life priorities, and turns everything into intriguing fascinating subjects ...

The festival program includes 13 multi-genre films with 13 awards from prestigious international film festivals, including: USA FF, Chicago IFF, Raindance FF, Utah Arts Festival, Underground Cinema Awards, Ireland, Warsaw IFF, Macon FF, SIGGRAPH, Woods Hole FF, Annie Awards.


Genre: Comedy, Animation, USA, 11 min.
Director: Megan Artis
Starring: Baiz Buzan, Russ Williamson, Michael B. Woods
Plot: In search of her dream husband, the sweet and immediate Ava decides to visit a quick dating club. But strange interlocutors make one wonder if it is too bad to be alone ...
Awards: 1 win and 2 nominations

  • USA FF - Winner - Short Film Competition - Meghann Artes
  • Chicago IFF - Nominee - Best Short Film
  • Raindance FF - Nominee - Best Animated Short

disobedient HEART

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Animation, USA, 4 min.
Directors: Ashley Anderson, Jacob Mann
Plot: The fire of love, which is difficult to extinguish, is able to overcome any obstacles.


Genre: Romantic Comedy, USA, 7 min.
Director: Jason Ho
Cast: Will Caesar, Anne Marie Rooney, Rich Reader, Jeremy Messermit, Bruce Miller, Michael Cox
Plot: A lonely young mechanic has an infinitely romantic imagination. And it is not so easy to deal with it when performing tasks at work ...


Genre: Romantic Comedy, Animation, USA, 4 min.
Directors: Joshua Hong Wu Chun, Kun Yu Ng
Plot: An angry old man does his best to destroy the neighbors' romance ... But love has its advantages.


Genre: Romantic Comedy, USA, 5 min.
Director: Kevin Mark Lacey
Cast: Joshua Cameron, Tatum Langton, Heather Moon
Plot: Will a young man find the girl of his dream despite trying to get to know any girl?
Rewards: 1 win

  • Utah Arts Festival - Grand Jury Prize - Short Film of the Year


Genre: Romantic Comedy, Animation, Japan, 6 min.
Director: Riosuke Oshiro
Plot: Sometimes love comes quite unexpectedly. The feelings that suddenly erupt make you distract from both scientific problems and simply lose your sanity ...

unlocking charlie

Genre: Drama, Ireland, 13 min.
Director: Stephen Creel
Cast: Grace Fitzgerald, Tom Maguire, Clyde Moulds
Plot: Everyone has the right to love. Even one whose mind is clouded by horrible fears and painful imagination.
Rewards: 1 win

  • Underground Cinema Awards, Ireland - Underground Cinema Award - Best Independent Short Film

About socks and about love

Genre: Comedy, Animation, Slovakia, 7 min.
Director: Michaela Kopikova
Plot: A short movie about love, but mostly about socks.
Awards: 1 nomination

  • Warsaw IFF - Nominee - Best Short


Genre: Romantic Comedy, Animation, Germany, 4 min.
Director: Ben-Han Bin-Han
Plot: The cute cauldron Hubert has a bubble over his head in which his thoughts float. And absolutely everyone can see them. And since Hubert mostly thinks about naked women, it throws him trouble ...


Genre: Romantic Comedy, USA, 5 min.
Director: Jamie Mack Keller
Cast: Rose James, James Rothchell, Sebastian Sonovec
Plot: A young girl notices that a guy is in trouble. She tries to help him and this is where the romantic adventure begins.


Genre: Comedy, Animation, USA, 3 min.
Director: Christine Kim, Elaine Wu
Plot: The most delicious food than chicken eggs was not for Pig. But when he fell in love with the hottest in the city of Kurku, he was confronted with an extraordinary question - what to choose?
Awards: 1 nomination

  • Annie Awards - Nominee - Best Student Film


Genre: Drama, Comedy, USA, 14 min.
Director: Ryan Daniel Dobson
Cast: Kimberly Alexander, Ryan Daniel Dobson, Kevin Eric McCarthy
Plot: When romance becomes a game, and not just a game, but in desperate competition - it can lead to catastrophic consequences.
Rewards: 1 win

  • Woods Hole FF - Best Short Comedy


Genre: Romantic Comedy, USA, 4 min.
Directors: Michael Bidinger, Michelle Kwon
Plot: One day, always unhappy Jenkins and usually happy Lou meet in the morning under not quite the expected circumstances. The amazing adventure continues, giving bright, sometimes very funny impressions.
Rewards: 5 wins

  • Macon FF - Best Animated Short
  • Macon FF - Excellence in Editing
  • National Review Board, USA - Student Grant
  • SIGGRAPH - Best Computer Animated Short
  • SIGGRAPH Asia - Best Student Project

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