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Celebrating the New Year can not only be fun, but also with benefit! The Kiev Planetarium invites you to visit the new New Year's star-space program of all the kids, as well as their parents!

What awaits you? A real journey into the world of planets, comets and stars! The kids will be entertained by amusing space characters, which you can not help but love at first sight. The older guys will appreciate the new full-dome 3D program created with the use of modern planetary equipment in the 360 ° format. Space adventures are waiting for you!

What a New Year without a Christmas tree? Our Christmas tree - the best in the Galaxy - will shine in the gravitational space with fantastic cosmic lights. Do not miss!

All guests from 5 to 14 years are waiting for SURPRISE: a 20% discount on tickets for the New Year's program.

Space adventures will last for an hour and a half!

Hurry to visit the New Year's space program! Spend the New Year in the open space!

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