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Why go to the U-TA-TA Space Show?

1. A huge snow globe.
2. Modern technology.
3. A very funny show.

If you turn on the lights on the tree, then we will see space. New Year's holidays are so bright that they attract the attention of guests from all over the galaxy.

Who are they for us and who are we for them, how do they live and what are we like? The answer is in the New Year - Christmas SHOW "Space U-TA-TA"

The show was created in the best traditions of the world clowning. Using modern technology. Laser show, Video effects, Snow, Zhdamper show, Games Mega balls. A lot of interactivity, Prizes and gifts, Aliens and robots, Star effects and real miracles, Santa Claus and UFOvik, 852 “D” effects (just kidding, this does not happen yet).

Traveling to SPACE on a vacuum cleaner Rocket is possible! A fantastic comedy about how you can hitchhike through the galaxy. Usually our shows are funny in clownery, and this show is funny in Martian style.

Ballooning and moving in time and space. Acquaintance with aliens and parting with aliens.

At our show, you are not just spectators, you are passengers of the U-TA-TA shuttle! And some others will become the UFO driver.

At the end of the SHOW, PARADE OF THE PLANET (games with large balloons).

NEW! A magical snowball inside which anyone can visit.

Before the show, a children's disco.

After the show, a free photo shoot with the heroes of the show.

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